Welcome to Ruai Sempurai
  Ruai Sempurai
  Iban Cultural Heritage

In true Iban tradition, visitors are welcomed with true Iban hospitality. As your host, our ever popular bard, Lemambang Sampang Gading, has been tasked, on behalf of Sengalang Burong and the people of Ruai Sempurai, to welcome you by waving a rooster above your head and say:

“I wave this rooster above your head, Praying to God and the holy spirits, To grant all of us good health, happiness and peace. If your omen is bad, this rooster will make it good. If it is good, this rooster will make it better still.”

“Aku miau kai manok tu, minta ngagai Petara, ngasoh kitai gerai nyamai lantang senang. Enti burong kita jai, manok tu ngasoh iya manah. Enti burong kita manah, manok tu ngasoh iya manah agi.”

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